If you use Facebook for business, you might have heard of the Facebook Pixel. You might have heard that it should be added to your website. But do you know what it is? Here is a simple explanation.

facebook pixel codeFacebook ads allow you to tailor your advertising for events and activity that happens (or that you hope to happen) on your website. Installing the pixel (which is a blob of code) to your website is the key to the necessary communication between Facebook ads and your website. When someone visits a web page that has the pixel code installed on it, a signal is sent to Facebook ads to let it know. Here are two examples of this working in a productive way:

(1) Someone submits a quote request by filling out a website form – In this case, a visitor will add information to the form on the website, click submit, and then be routed to a page that says, “Thank you for your request.” You can run ads with the targeted conversion goal of having visitors reach that “Thank You” page. The pixel is necessary to inform Facebook and you, the advertiser, of the rate of success.

(2) A “custom audience” is created by website traffic for remarketing – In this case, you want to run advertisements only to people who have visited your website (or perhaps particular pages of your website) within a specific window of time. Maybe you want to advertise a 15% off promotion to site visitors in the last ten days. The pixel is how Facebook ads can build the custom audience for which you can use for ad targeting.

Installing the pixel is not a necessity of Facebook advertising, but it is a necessity for the above examples to work.

How does one install the pixel code on their website? That depends on how the website is built, so it’s not easy to give specific advice on that. The key is that the pixel is inserted in the <Head> section of the web page code. If you’re using WordPress, you can explore the theme settings to find the way to add the pixel, or find a plugin that helps. On other platforms, you might need to research in the documentation.

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