Meta Accounts Center is a free interface offered by Meta for individuals to manage aspects of their Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Meta Horizon accounts. Not many people are aware of its existence, but that’s not surprising, given the huge number of tools and interfaces related to Meta platforms. Facebook alone is incredibly large and complicated in terms of tools, functions, features, and settings. It reminds me of a plate of spaghetti — impossible to memorize all the pieces and how they intertwine. But then inject other integrations at multiple levels, like Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Meta Horizon to make it even more complicated.

Although there are a practically infinite number of Meta tools, most of them exist for good reasons. Accounts Center does as well. Here are some basic reasons for its existence:

  • It provides a unified interface for all Meta accounts.
  • It allows users to enable features and adjust settings for cross-account integration.
  • It helps Meta understand its users better – including counting how many users there are. For example, if one person has a Facebook account and an Instagram account, connecting them through Accounts Center informs Meta that these accounts represent one person, not two (so ad reach will be counted accordingly).

To get to Accounts Center, go to while logged into your Facebook account.

You can add or remove accounts any time in Accounts Center settings.

Specific things you can do in Accounts Center


Allow all accounts to log into each other  (called “the simple option”)

(OR) You can choose which accounts can log into other accounts. (For example, you can set your Facebook account to automatically be logged into a particular Instagram account.)


See what devices are used to log into your account. You can also choose to get logged out of some.

Set to get email alerts when there are unrecognized logins to your account.

Change your password for any of your accounts added to Accounts Center.

Set up two-factor authentication with your mobile phone to make your accounts more secure.

Set up an authentication app that provides a code every time you log in.

Set up a physical security key that would be required any time you log in.

Get recovery codes, which help you get back into your accounts if you are ever locked out.

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General account-related

You can temporarily deactivate or delete your accounts.

You can set your memorialization preferences for what happens to your account after you die, including choosing your legacy contact (person who can memorialize you through your account).

You can see the history of searches in your various accounts. You can also choose to delete all or part of your search history. You can also set the amount of time searches should be saved for before being automatically deleted.

Personal details-related

You can change your contact info email(s) and phone number(s).

You can set your birthday date.

You can confirm your identity with a government-issued ID.

Content sharing-related

You can set to automatically share posts or stories from your Instagram account to your Facebook business page.

You can set to automatically share your personal Facebook posts with your Instagram account.


You can view ads you’ve interacted with recently.

You can review and adjust settings for advertisers you’ve seen. You can also click to hide the ads from specific advertisers.

You can view and manage the topics that advertisers can use to reach you, such as your interests. For each individual topic, you can choose to “see less” of them.

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You can set a payment method to be used across all accounts in Accounts Center.

You can set shipping details to be used across all accounts in Accounts Center, including address, email address, and phone number.

Meta Verification

In Accounts Center, you can opt into the Meta Verified program, which is a paid service available for both Facebook and Instagram. At the time of this writing, it has a cost of $11.99 per month. It’s only available to individuals (not businesses) who are over eighteen years of age.

Meta promotes the following benefits to being Meta Verified:

  • A verified badge
  • Increased account protection
  • Support
  • Bonus stars and stickers (to support content creators)

In Summary

As I mentioned in the beginning, Meta offers a seemingly endless number of tools and interfaces. Many of them serve a very important purpose, and Accounts Center does as well. Learning how to find it and use it will come in handy as you use Meta platforms.